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Animal Welfare

A Healthy Cow Is A Happy Cow.
A Happy Cow Is A Productive Cow.

Cow Comfort

A necessity not an option.

At Littleton farm we appreciate that cow comfort is paramount to managing a trouble free, healthy dairy herd.

Buildings are designed with cow comfort in mind and to promote normal animal behaviour and interactions.

Animal welfare is Paramount at the farm. Active Herd Health Planning is focused on achieving and maintaining maximum welfare standards these are the legislative guides used at Littleton farm.

  • The UK Dairy Industry’s Dairy Cow Welfare Strategy

  • Farm Animal Welfare Council’s Five Freedoms

  • The Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2007


Our farm management team of specialist Nutritionists, Veterinary Surgeons and highly trained farm staff work together to ensure animal welfare is prioritised at all times.

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